The Power of Plants for your home 

By bridging our indoors with our outdoors we are reinforcing our connection with nature, plants encourage us to slow our pace and settle in. Science has proven plants make us happier and healthier! 

We may not be immediately be aware of plants calming effect but its there.

Delicate flowers can communicate a soft feminine touch whilst a structured plant offers an edgier  more modern vibe. 

Designing your space. Plants can be arranged to direct the eye. They can lead people  into or out of spaces to create divisions between areas.

Cleaning the air.  Plants can remove particulate  matter such as dust  pollen and pollution, they clean the air in their  immediate  surroundings  by taking harmful toxins, processing  them in their  leaves and through the soil therefore releasing clean air back into our environment .

Bring more plants into your home, ensure your plants are matched up with the correct soil repot into  a larger pot if required , complete the look with  a beautiful plant holder to compliment your interior from Finishing Touches range .